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was in high school and law school, i thought about entering into the priesthood the jesuits then, i had an opportunity to reassess where i was, and go deeper into my sense of values. >> he calls it a blessing, alexandra, you describe him as a broken man, and what a rich story, to show how a broken man seeks redemption. >> everyone deserves a second act. everybody deserves redemption. we all have made mistakes that we're not proud of. we all think in this time of year it's good to talk about getting forgiveness about our sins. >> it wasn't easy to convince him to do this? >> no, he never really wanted me around. the first time i met him and his partner, i would like to make a movie about you, they said, please go away, no. but here we are, two years later. >> exactly. what was so special alexandra was the trust that she incurred with the women. we took a vote. do we want to continue this? alexandra and the handheld camera was in their faces. as they talked about the most difficult aspects of their lives. she gives meaning and purpose to these women. if any good comes out of this, as we d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1